Lock down frustrated the heck out of me.

Here I was, a healer, meant to be supporting people in dire need of emotional calm amidst the trauma of a pandemic, and it wasn’t happening. I tried everything to let people know I was there for them. I wasn’t alone. Many businesses were scrambling to pivot their messages and services trying to adapt to a new world.

I don’t mind sharing that I sulked for two weeks as my frustration grew.

Finally, I resorted to using my own set of tools (usually reserved for healing my clients) on my business, and myself. I had a deep consultation with my intuition about my business. The dramatic change in perspective from this conversation and the new directions that came from it, still astound me.

In this consultation with my business, I had an idea.

What if I could show other small business owners and entrepreneurs how to have deep and meaningful conversations with their own businesses? What if I could help them tap into their inherent super power? What if they could unleash their hidden potential and undergo the same paradigm shift that I had?

And so, One Degree Shift was born.

“You gave my business a voice! So useful!”

Claire Stier — Gift Experience, South Africa

If you can tick any of these boxes, then One Degree Shift is for you:

  • I want more focus
  • I want to stop procrastinating
  • I want to grow my business in new directions
  • I want to be more productive
  • I don’t understand why my business is still struggling
  • I want to feel confident in my decision making
  • I’m doing everything I can to grow my business but it’s still not happening
  • I never seem to get ahead, I’m always under pressure and trying to catch up
  • I’m feeling disempowered by my business

“One becomes so involved in the day to day stuff that one forgets to step back and take a look at the bigger picture, even if it’s a month. I needed to do that!”

Michele Alexander — Digital Story Teller, South Africa

All that is needed is a small shift in perspective to bring about Aha moments and to realise potential.

Through our membership programme, we learn to:

  • Develop and trust our business instincts, to trust our gut
  • Find our flow – have clarity over decisions, directions and opportunities
  • Reduce the friction between ourselves and our businesses
  • Understand the blocks and limitations of our business and release them
  • Break through our own barriers so that our business can flourish

“The last three weeks have been amazing to get to really connect with my business on a level I have never done before.”

Donovan Hanekom — DH Architecture, South Africa

How does it all work?

We begin with benchmarking your perception and understanding of your business. Then we move into exploring the aspects of your business that aren’t obvious: the influences of clients, employees or suppliers; the potential toxicity of your business environment; the quality of the subconscious relationships with everyone associated with your business; what beliefs or blocks exist that prevent you and your business from making the leap from surviving to thriving.

Ready to thrive, not survive?

Membership opens again in 2021.
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It’s a journey of never-ending possibilities.

We know you’re really busy, so activities are delivered weekly via email and are designed to have maximum impact without taking up more than an hour of your time.

You also receive a monthly group BodyTalk for Business session via Telegram which starts to disassociate the blocks, attitudes and beliefs that are preventing you from thriving and connecting with your business.

The membership is on a month-to-month basis, for as long as you continue to find value.

Are you in?

But…before you decide. We’re not throwing business rules out the window or ignoring the principles of good business management. By discovering our good business instincts and learning to trust them, we’re creating a rich and fulfilling partnership between ourselves and our businesses.

Ready to thrive, not survive?

Membership opens again in 2021.
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Wondering who I am?

Hi, I’m Fiona and I’m a solopreneur working my way through a topsy turvy economy where we’re all trying to pivot our businesses to thrive, not just survive. Based on my own experience and current business, I developed the One Degree Shift movement. We’re a group of small business owners leveraging one of the most powerful tools in our business box.

Call it Gut Instinct, Intuition or even 6th Sense.

“You have to trust in something, your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down and it has made all the difference in my life.”

Steve Jobs, the late CEO of tech innovator Apple.

Ready to thrive, not survive?

Membership opens again in 2021.
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Questions or queries? Get in touch…

Fiona Coward
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